Kraak and Smaak Flip Book Video.

There are a couple of hot trends happening with video right now. One is projection mapping, the other is flip books. I’ll have a post on projection mapping later, but right now I’m going to do a little chatting on flip books. The whole flip book thing is this years answer to stop motion. That’s right the over played stop motion animation craze is finally starting to wain and is quickly being replaced by the flip book craze. Expect to see a whole lot more of this stuff over the next year. With new Android and iOS applications coming out that make producing these easier, I predict a flood of flip book style videos in the coming months.

In the mean time feast your eyes on the video for ‘Squeeze Me’ by the Dutch duo  Kraak & Smaak. The video and the song are pretty fun, and this style of video hasn’t become so over done yet that you’ll want to yawn when you watch it.