Booq Me and My iPad 2.

I use my iPad to do a lot of sketching, ideating, and concepting. It’s kind of like having a portable Wacom Cintique, except most of the styluses availbale aren’t nearly as good as what you get with any Wacom tablet. I don’t have the new iPad 2 yet. There is that pesky 3 to 4 week wait on them right now, but that hasn’t stopped me from looking at cases.

As a designer this new case from Booq intrigues me. I want to see it before I buy, but I really like the idea of having a pen and paper inside the case. I’m sorry tech heads, but there is no substitute for sketching with a pen or pencil on paper, and combining the iPad with a quick traditional sketching tool seems like a no brainer to me.

The price of this case ranges from 50 to 100 bucks depending on the material you choose. As always leather will cost you more. The paper refills will set you back ten bucks, which seems a bit steep and might have me saying no thanks when I actually see this in person. None the less I like the idea, and this case made the short list for my iPad 2. Booq makes really nice cases so I’m sure the construction, and materials used are top notch, and I bet the paper pad could be replaced by a cheaper variety from your local office supply store.

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