My Spiegelau Pilsner Glasses.

When consuming wine or beer, the kind of glass you use is of the utmost importance. The shape of the glass, helps bring out the nose and the complex flavors in the drink. Investing in good wine glasses or beer glasses is as important as using the correct cocktail glass for your tasty adult libations.

Today, while shopping at Halls at Crown Center I purchased a number of stemmed pilsner glasses from Spiegelau. These glasses are designed to allow the beer to form a full head, without spilling over. This allows the beer to aerate, and open up as the head settles before you begin drinking it.

I had two choices, a standard pilsner glass. You know the kind, it looks like a tradional tapered beer glass. Or the stemmed pilsner. I went with the stemmed. The shape is a wonderful bell that sits on a short stem. The glass holds 12 ounces of beer with enough room for a perfect head of foam. They are light crystal glasses that make the beer taste fantastic. The first beer I had tasted fuller, and more well rounded than what I had experienced with other beer glasses. Yes even the ceramic mugs with the image of dogs playing poker on the sides of them.

Oh and did I mention the packaging was rally nice? It was, and yeah, I’m a design geek. It helped sell me on these.