Atomic Contacts. Another Brilliant Idea I Wish Had Been Mine.

I am always on the look out for new applications for my iPhone that honestly help me. That is why I am really digging the Atomic Contact application.

Atomic Contacts provides a simple and seamless solution for managing all of your contacts.  Rather than having to update your address book as your contacts change their personal contact information, The Atomic Contacts application automatically syncs your contacts information to your address book via the cloud.  Watch the video, below, for a better overview of how Atomic Contacts works with your phone and everyone elses.

Atomic Contacts is available here for the iPhone and here for your Blackberry or Android phone.

I have had to update so many contacts over the last year, and this is the kind of application that is a real time saver. I am recommending this to all of my friends, and I hope they recommend it as well. The application costs $2.99, but if it saves me from having to manually update my contact list ever again, it’s worth it.