Hello “Fred”. Poltrona Frau’s Leather Desk.

Fred is a new desk from the German furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau.

The desk features a featherlight structure and  an uninterrupted leather desk surface that forms a gentle sweeping arc that cascades away from the work edge. The desk is handmade with delicate carvings and cold markings that create delicate debossed graphic decorations on the leather writing surface. A special craft process developed by Poltrona Frau allows the front of the leather to curve without any internal supports.This process helps the desk to have a rigid surface yet look lighter than air.

The frame of the desk is made from solid ash and features a wenge finish. it uses a triangular profile to increase strength while reducing the visual footprint for a lighter overall feel. The same wood material is used on the desk drawer which sits in slow-close metal runners mounted under the leather writing surface. The leather can be finished in dark brown or camel, and has a dyed edge on the front for added finish detail. The whole leather surface is treated with a protective wax to extend the life and reduce wear on the desk itself.

Poltrona Frau’s Ginger chair is partnered with Fred, to complement and complete the final look. I have to say. Love the desk, like the chair. I might go with a different kind of chair here.

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This desk really has such a sexy look to it.