The Instagram 365 Project. 04/20/2011

Last year on Easter Sunday, my wife lost her sister after a lengthy illness. One of the things that we kept after the funeral was this beautiful orchid. Normally the orchid, when it blooms has two or three flowers that open at one time and last for about 3 to 4 weeks on average. About 8 weeks ago, our orchid blossomed with 5 glorious flowers that have remained strong and vibrant all this time. Today when I was home sick, and not feeling like doing much of anything after a giant coughing fit, I stopped and spent about 10 minutes looking at it and thinking of Jan. It’s kind of hard to think that she has been gone for a year now. So this is my 365 project post for the day. It seems rather fitting to me, as we roll into Easter weekend for the first time without her.