The Instagram 365 Project. 04/24/2011

I actually shot this yesterday afternoon when I was out back with the dogs. Cosmo and Zoe love our neighbors John and Toni and we had wandered two yards up to say high. I had the EP1 and a borrowed very fast 150mm (300mm equivalent for 35mm systems) f 2.0 ED lens. The lens speed and the micro 4/3 converter ring add to the intense depth of field here. I shot the Cedar Waxwing resting on a branch about 20 feet away. The lens was wide open and the shutter was set at 1/120th of a second. The result: great color, 6 to 10 inch depth of field, amazing light balance, and detail. Thankfully we had about 45 minutes of full sunshine yesterday afternoon. Made all the difference in the world.