Lynx Stream Captures all Your Social Moments.

There are a number of applications available for your smart phone that aggregate all of your social media posts in to one stream.

Applications like Memento organize your feeds and display them in a linear timeline, allow you to create new posts and export all of your feeds. Lynx is a new application that does something similar, but takes it a step further by having you set up an event, then invite your friends to join in. The Lynx application will then ‘collect every video, picture, text, tweet, check-in and status update a group of friends makes to produce an automatic Stream of the event and highlight video, which can then be watched and shared online.

This is a great example of a Social Networking application aiming to be helpful and provide something useful rather than a simple branded content experience.

The Lynx Stream app is available for both Android and iPhone and can be downloaded for free from their website here: