For Sale, A Modern Masterpiece in Scottsdale.

If I were rich, and lived in Scottsdale Arizona (if I did live in Scottsdale I’d probably already be rich) I’d buy this house in a heart beat. This morning I saw that the Silverman residence by Michael P. Johnson is on the market for just under 1.4 million dollars.

This 3850 square foot 2 bedroom house is a masterpiece of elegant modernism. The house, located at the McCormick Ranch Waterfront in Scottsdale, has a quiet unassuming facade that is in many ways a stylistic nod to the common architectural styles common to the Southwest. Passing through a bright red door, the facade opens into a private entry courtyard that is anchored with a cantilevered steel canopy that leads you into the home as it expands into a voluminous light filled space.

The interior spaces are tied together through a signature U shaped plate steel staircase painted in yellow and black giving the form a sculptural quality which is softened by bamboo treads. Upstairs features the master bedroom/bath and an office space, while downstairs holds living, kitchen, dining, and guest bedrooms that open to the South which overlooks a lap/reflecting pool, lake and Mountain views.

The home is appointed with imported porcelain tiles, and built in storage which help to define the modern minimalist look of the home. The place really is stunning, and with the site located next to a stunning tree lined lake, it feels less like a desert home. Some people might find the interior spaces cold, but I really like the minimal look.

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