Move It.

There is no way to attach this to my house, but if there were I’d be tempted to get this. Move by Corradi is a contemporary deck awning that creates an exterior room featuring a retractable ceiling, and a privacy screen that still allows for light and a view from within. The unit features integrated LED lighting for night time illumination which is encased behind translucent white glass mounted on the aluminum vertical braces. Move can be installed with different slopes thanks to two innovative joints inserted in the pillars, which become elements of elegant originality and structural strength.

This really has a great look to it. Clean, modern, unobtrusive, yet it becomes a stand out focal point for any patio or deck. I love the attention to detail given to the joint structure, and mechanical assembly. This is where Move stands out, the turned aluminum joints, contrasting with the darker color of the bracing, the removable privacy screen, hidden mounting attachments, and that stark white canvas shade.

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For more information, visit Corradi.