Get Your Freak On! The Best Kickstarter Pitch In The World.

I love Kickstarter, I love creativity, I love the video that this team made to promote their product. This is seriously brilliant, and after watching the video you are going to be hard pressed not to donate to the Freaker team.

This is probably the most enthusiastic group of individuals I have ever seen on the Kickstarter site, and the Freaker is a really nice little product. Watch the video below, and be prepared to smile, and probably laugh out loud, then go to their Kickstarter page here and give them some money.

Oh and do yourself a favor and spend some time browsing the Freaker page on Kickstarter. They have some more really fun videos and there are a number of posters, t-shirts, and stickers, available that are well designed and just as fun as the videos. I have no idea if this was a planned campaign, but it really works. I hope the Freaker team meets their goal and makes a fortune eliminating sweaty bottles, and moist handshakes.

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  1. Great video. That’s what a crowdfunding video should be like. Engaging and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

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