The First Photoshop Film.

I work in Photoshop everyday of the week. At home I use it quite a bit in conjunction with video projects as well as creating illustration, and photo-retouching. This is not a slam, but most of the art directors  I work with on freelance projects never use Photoshop to its full potential, or are aware of its more advanced features. Like I said this isn’t a slam against them, they are to busy art directing to have time to sit and play with the application, and learn all of its features.

One thing I do know is this, the art directors I work with do spend a lot of time searching for stock images, and in some cases stock video to use in the projects they are on. So if you are a stock company, how do you get an art directors attention? Especially when there are hundreds of stock houses vying for their attention. In the case of Latinstock, they chose to do it with the tool they know most art directors are familiar with. Photoshop.

Latinstock has created a Photoshop based film that is played back directly within Photoshop itself. This is pretty damn brilliant if you ask me. It not only shows the potential client a feature they might be unaware of in the software, but it also highlights the stock houses product in a unique and memorable way. Latinstock provided the .PSD Photoshop file two ways, first via a USB drive that was sent to potential clients, second via direct download on their website. (you can get the file here)

This is a great example of creating a standalone piece that communicates directly to your target audience and is guaranteed to generate buzz amongst creatives. At the end of the video above there are numbers that show just how much traffic to the site increased and how much sales were up for Latinstock after this campaign launched. They are pretty impressive.