Sinus by Roman Vrtiška.

One of the things you discover when you start using a riding lawn mower is, you need to put a lot of mulch around your trees. A 18 inch turning radius means a 36 inch circle , which isn’t a close cut around most tree trunks. Eventually I’ll probably landscape around most of them, but it doesn’t stop me from really wanting to install Roman Vrtiška’s Sinus benches around most of them.

This is such a simple and elegant solution to the problem. The bench provides ample seating to take advantage of the shade. There is venting to allow for irrigation, and the opening is large enough to fit around even mature trees. The look is so clean, simple and flexible, and the pieces are modular so the can be combined with the linear benches to create longer ovals as well.

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The bench is formed from a perforated sheet steel that has been powder coated to resist even the toughest weather mother nature can trow at them. The modular plates can be combined to create single seat, double seat, or seat-less systems. These are available through mmcite, but since I don’t speak Czech I have no idea about what they cost or where you can buy them.