Quotes From Pogo Art and Design Boutique.

I am on some sort of poster kick this morning. While trolling the internets looking for design inspirations, I found another set of posters that I love. This set of posters designed by Pogo features quotes by philosophers,  authors, poets and an occasional proverb. The posters themselves show stunning examples of typography, color pallet, and layouts. The overall typographic layout for each of these is really wonderful, standing on its own aside from the actual quote.


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  1. Hey Wade –
    I was searching for something else entirely in Google Image Search, and stumbled across this thread you posted 16 months ago.
    Better late than never, but I’m going to answer some of your questions. (I’d have replied on the thread in question, but it didn’t offer up any obvious way to do so.)

    Anyway: I’m the guy who drew that, as part of a thing I was doing for many years — drawing original (ish!) racing program covers for reasons that are arcane, and largely irrelevant. I’ve got over 100 high-res posters freely available here: http://www.trilon.com/bapom/posters-largeformat.htm

    As you can see, I dabble in many styles. The Suzuka one was my attempt at a stark black-n-white ink design, sort of like the advertisements I remember running in the National Lampoon during the 70s. They always seemed to use an ultra-bold Gill Sans…

    The cars were drawn in Photoshop, with some Illustrator action for the parallel/perspective lines in the background.
    –John Bradley

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