It’s All About Timing. “The Science of Social Timing”.

Over the last 12 months my blog has seen a steady increase in traffic, with about 18 percent growth month over month. This is not some random occurrence. It is happening because the posts I write at night are scheduled to post at peak periods through out the day. The info graphic from Kiss Metrics below, breaks down what they call the “Science of Social Timing”, and how what you post on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog, is effected by the time that you post it.

What I have discovered is, the best way for me to post is in staged releases from around 10 AM, to About 5 PM, based on the number of posts I have for any given day. That means usually one at 10, one at noon, and one around 5. Most re-tweets are made between 5PM and 6PM with an average of about 6 percent. Most click-throughs from both Facebook and Twitter occur around noon, between 5 and 6, and on weekends, which makes sense when you think about people’s social surfing habits.
The graphic below has a ton of useful information if you are trying to increase traffic to your site, or bolster your Social Media presence.