Swedbank’s Social Gaming Campaign Delivers the Goods.

The tactics used to develop social networking pages for “Owned Media” are changing quickly. Particularly where statistical measurement of overall effectiveness is needed.  More brands that are using social media to engage with their target audience need to know more than just fan base size. They need to get real numbers on activity and engagement.

Swedbank, the largest bank in Latvia, partnered with Draugiem Latvia’s largest social networking site to create a social game called ‘how well do your friends know you?’ The game posed questions and elicited responses from your friends which in turn stimulated some serious activity around Swedbank’s Draugiem page.

The gaming activity surfaced Swedbank’s three key objectives – ‘know Swedbank’s customers better’, ‘earn their trust’ and ‘grow together with them.’  Friends answered questions about each other, with the Question and Answer execution built around the Swedbank logo. All the content was housed in hubs on both on the Swedbank Latvia site and the Swedbank Latvia profile page on Draugiem.

The video below explains more in better detail.