Pringles Crunchband Rocktorial.

CP+B Europe have designed and built a fun little smartphone application for Pringles called “Crunch Band”. The app is available for Android and the iPhone, and is pretty simple to use. Select your instrument and shake the phone. Depending on the accelerometer movement, you get different results.  There are 15 virtual instruments you can play, and if you scan the bar code on a Pringles can, you unlock badges, and other features within the app itself. In true CP+B fashion, they also show you how to turn the can into a virtual Pringles amp for your phone.

This is a great example of creating product buzz with something that is directly really unrelated to your brand. I personally never would have put Pringles, and a band application together. It is this kind of creative thinking without a fear of failing that continues to keep CP+B at the top of the advertising world.