To Bocce, or Not.

I want to build a Bocce ball court in my back yard. I have since we bought the house, but I just never seem to get to it. It’s not a high priority, so it seems to fall behind other things. The thing is, I have this ridiculously large back yard that is for the most part flat, and it would be perfect for a Bocce ball court.

I need a 12′ x 60′ flat section of yard, and the time and patience to build it. Right now I’m thinking it would go great in the over grown section of the field to the west. This means I am going to have to wait until late fall when I can clear the over growth, and cut a path to the space for the court. This could be fun though. I like the idea of the court being surrounded by the tall grass of the field in the summer, secluded from view but still accessible from the backyard.

I need to give this some serious thought, and plot out the time it would take to actually get this done.