Alienware Area 52 Projection Mapping Event.

Over the last 12 to 18 months, projection mapping events have exploded all over the globe. Every time you turn around a new one shows up on YouTube or Vimeo. And while the quality has made huge advances as the technology has grown, very little has been done to push the actual event. Many of the more recent ones aren’t much more than glorified motion graphics displayed on a building or irregular surface.

A pleasant surprise, and a break from the tried and true formulaic projection mapping events; Alienware’s Area 52 event in Melbourne Australia brings together rich story telling, pyrotechnics, spacial depth, and multiple projections to create something really unique. I really like the fact that they have real people interacting with the foreground object, and that they took full advantage of the space to create a truly dimensional space. All of this combined with some outstanding visuals, really well done projection maps, and a solid storyline help raise the bar on what this kind of event can be.