iPad Letterpress.

Sunday night I installed LetterMpress on my iPad. I found the app while browsing the app store and had no idea what to expect. It looked interesting and it was fairly inexpensive so I thought I’d give it a shot.

The application lets you create simulated Letterpress style prints that can be exported to your photo albums, shared via social networking tools, or printed if you have a wireless printer connected to your iPad.

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The look of the User interface is really nice, ease of use is at times not. If you get this application, I highly recommend spending some time going through the tutorials. It’ll make your life a lot easier and less frustrating in the long run. The application makes use of double and triple taps on the screen to set and clear images, along with gestures. Once you know what you are doing its easy, but if you jump right in, you might be confused about how to do things like remove items from the press bed. Aside from that the application is fairly straight forward. You simply drag type, furniture and locks on to the press bed, arrange them, choose a paper, ink, print, save or export.

The application like a traditional print shop lets you store and keep prints that can be overprinted repeatedly. In addition, you can save your press layouts for repeat use as well. Right now the app has a finite amount of type specimens, and art cuts, but the developer is releasing more that will be available through updates to the app in the future.

Designed and developed by John Bonadies, the application is being funded on Kickstarter, and has more than reached it’s goal. Right now, LetterMpress is available via iTunes, and your iPad’s app store for $5.99.