The Instagram 365 Project. 07/21/2011

5 weeks, and 5 days ago my beautiful little MINI Cooper S convertible was hit on I-35. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the accident totaled my car. It took 5 weeks to reach that conclusion, but no matter how long it took, the result is the same. The yellow MINI is dead.

Today, I went shopping for, and possibly found a replacement. I’ll know next week when the final settlement numbers are delivered and I see exactly how much money I have in pocket. So what am I looking for? Well that is all over the board, but right now it looks pretty certain that I will be driving a BMW 1 series at this time next week.

I know, it seems like the polar opposite of the MINI, but the car is outstanding, and MINI is owned by BMW.

Pretty sure this is the new car

Goodbye MINI, I really had fun with you...