Mid-Century Modern Dog Bowls.

I love my dogs. They are my furry companions and good friends. The only thing about them is, they know nothing about modern design except they have to stay off the Womb chair, and such.

One of the things I always am amazed by is the lack of modern looking dog beds, and food bowls. There really isn’t that much out there. Most of what you find is cute, or industrial, so when I found the Raised Feeder over at Etsy, I said, “this is something that would fit right in with my house, and my dogs might like it too”. Not that I am going to ask them.

Featuring a mid-century modern look, these pet feeders are made from 1/2 inch birch plywood with lightly textured finished. The legs are brushed aluminum with a clear lacquer coat, and the bowls are stainless steel. The raised feeder comes in black, orange, green, and red, and stands 5 inches high. The overall dimension is 14 by 10, which is just about right for my little dogs. The feeders cost $35.00 plus $8.00 in shipping.