Scanapalooza QR Code Facts.

I’m not a huge fan of QR codes. I feel that they are overrated and not used as frequently as their promoters might think. The fact that a large number of people don’t have smartphones, it requires you to install and launch a third party application, etc. tends to make people shy away from them. For some time now I have been saying that NFC chips (Near Field Communication) and phones with NFC readers built in will probably eclipse QR codes in the next few years.

A couple of things that support my feelings about QR codes are listed in the info graphic from Lab42 below. Things like 60% of people say they are not familiar with QR codes at all, and only 13% have successfully scanned a QR code.   It’ll be interesting to watch what happens with NFC over the next year or so as more Android phones and the iPhone both implement NFC readers. I’m curious if it will be more widely adopted do to ease of use, or if it will run into the same issues as QR codes have.

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  1. QR code knowledge may not be available to everyone, but I see more and more of them everywhere. I agree that NFC has greater potential; however, many security/hacking flaws need to addressed.

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