VW’s BlueMotion Roulette.

When advertising something that is fairly abstract like fuel economy, coming up with a memorable concept can be a bit tricky. What I mean by that is, we all know what fuel economy means, but associating it with an actual statistic; and doing it in a way that attracts attention can be a challenge.

To advertise VW’s “BlueMotion” technology a physical and social media campaign for Norway was developed around a BlueMotion automobile. Over the course of a single trip from Oslo, 50,000 online followers tracked the vehicle, and bet on when it would run out of fuel.The person that bet right won the car. The campaign was used one TV commercial to advertise the contest, and the rest spread virally.

Nice Job VW.


  1. I ran across your Ona Union Street bag review as part of my pre-purchase research process. I was wondering if your opinion of the bag has changed now that you’ve had a few months to use it.

    Any additional perspective would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if I have missed a follow-up post on your blog… I didn’t see one anywhere.

    1. I use the bag everyday. It is my primary case for my Olympus EP2 and a couple of smaller point and shoot cameras. The bag has plenty of room for the EP2, 3 lenses, Flash, extra batteries, memory cards, my iPad, and other accessories. I took it with me to France, and it worked great. (I didn’t look like a tourist with a camera bag). I have used the bag with my larger DSLR, but usually default to loading the DSLR gear in the Kata bag because of the kind of shooting I do with that camera. I highly recommend the ONA bag. The DSLR fits in it with room for a couple of lenses and the extra battery grip as well. This bag is versatile, and stylish, and doesn’t weigh a ton.

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