Infographic Monday. Instagram Fun Facts.

I have been an Instgram user practically since day 1. The app launched in October a year ago, and since then I have uploaded just under 2100 photos. Most of those uploaded in the since January. I have to admit when the app first launched, I got it,and then didn’t use it much. The reality is though, it has become my primary Social Network over the last 8 months.

The infographic below shows Instagram’s meteoric rise to success since it’s launch, and the stats are pretty impressive. When the application gets a solid foothold on Android as well as iOS I think it will become the 800 pound gorilla of social photo-sharing. (if it hasn’t already)

Some interesting bites from the image:

  • There are currently 7 million users worldwide, uploading 1.3m photos each day
  • 37% of users have never uploaded a single image
  • 5% have uploaded more than 50 images
  • Over 150 million photos have been uploaded in total, on average 15 per second
  • Instagram has enjoyed 78 million likes on pictures so far!
  • 8/10 of all photos uploaded have had a filter added