Sharp Twitter Hashtag Advertising. #thisiswhy

While trolling the internet last night looking for news about Social Media advertising, I came across a campaign that shows “Hashtags” being added to the end of football commercials in the UK. The concept isn’t new, and it isn’t exclusive to Europe, although from what I can tell the Europeans seem to be engaging in this much more than the US of A.

While the principal of tagging your TV spot with a Facebook or Twitter adresses has made huge inroads world wide, Twitter hashtags have lagged behind. Some advertisers are starting to experiment with them, most recently Audi and the movie Horrible Bosses, but the practice is still fairly young.

What I saw last night intrigued me the most so far though. Sharp, (a primary sponsor for ITV live football coverage in Europe) were running lower thirds and bumpers during the England vs Wales that had direct hashtag calls for #thisiswhy:

The hashtag was designed to prompt additional conversation about the game on Twitter, and to develop viral buzz about the game with additional tweets that used the “#thisiswhy” tag. If you look at the tweets that ran throughout the game, the commentary ran the gamut from team support to feedback on the game coverage itself. Where this really begins to pay off is by developing user involvement with the brand in a very organic fashion. Through this kind of participation, the brand becomes owned via contributions from the fan base. This is another great example of an advertiser pushing viewers to contribute rather than just hoping they will follow.

to see the Twitter feed check it out here:!/search/%23thisiswhy