Bobo Explores Light, an iPad Interactive Book.

I work for a company that produces some really wonderful interactive books for the iPad. If you haven’t seen them I suggest you check out the Jingle Pup application, corresponding book, and other products. Anyway, I am always on the look out for other really well produced interactive book experiences for the iPad, and this morning I came across “Bobo Explores Light”. The interactive book hit the top ranking in the book section of the app store this week.

Designed and built by Juraj Hlavac from Game Collage, the book is rich with educational themes, and is fun to explore and play with focusing 21 light related subjects. The book is geared to 8-12 years with fun interactive animation and a light illustration style that plays well to the age group. I have to say, I found using this interactive book just as fun as any 10 year old would. It engages readers in a very hands on (or fingers on since this is the iPad) experience encouraging experimentation for fun while learning to.

At $6.99 this is a steal. There is so much content and extended fun to be had with the book, your kids will be entertained for hours; or in my case the kid inside me was.