Made by Hand’s Inaugural Film, “No 1 Distiller”.

A new short film series entitled “Made by Hand” has dropped on Vimeo. The first film focuses on Breuckelen Distilling Company, the first gin distiller in Brooklyn since prohibition.

The film has a really nice look to it. the direction, cinematography, and editing all work to bring out the story of this unique distillery and the challenges Brad Estabrooke took to create a hand crafted gin. I have watched this about 4 times now and I have to say again, I love the way this film looks and the story that it tells. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

director-producer KEEF
director of photography JOSHUA KRASZEWSKI
editor-composer MATT SHAPIRO
title design MANDY BROWN
sound recordist ROBERT ALBRECHT
re-recording mixer NICHOLAS MONTGOMERY