Selling Formula 1, to a NASCAR Crowd.

America is a NSCAR country. We love stock cars making left hand turns around an oval track at 200 miles per hour. So how do you promote F1 racing? You make a kick ass 6 minute video, that’s how.

This video short produced for Red Bull is outstanding. Brilliant editing and camera work combined with copious amounts of slow motion videography sell it. There is a minor story to this piece where the car basically escapes the ranch and heads to the big city, but it is completely secondary to the visceral images of the car as it tears up the countryside.

I love this. I hope it sells F1 to all the NASCAR fans in America. If it doesn’t, it sure is a blast to watch. One of my favorite parts is the “GoCam” attached to the steer horn.

The F1 Circuit of the Americas takes place in Austin, Texas on November 18, 2012.


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