Telling Time with George Nelson.

Since I was a little kid I have loved George Nelson clocks. I think the fascination with them stems from the fact that a number of our neighbors had them, and the iconic shapes seemed to be everywhere. I remember the pediatrician had one in the waiting room. The Nelson Ball Clock. One neighbor, and I can’t remember which one had a Kite Clock. That particular clock is one that I have always wanted, and lucky for me two weeks ago Fab had the entire line on sale. I scored a George Nelson Kite Clock for 90 bucks and couldn’t be happier.

The clock arrived this afternoon and was waiting for me when I got home. It’s smaller than I remember. I also had forgotten that the face is made from cut and bent steel. The clock is a stunning and timeless piece of design (pun intended). So after un-boxing the new Kite clock is now hung in the kitchen against the bright orange wall section. The off white and black look wonderful against the bright orange, and the clock counters the Nelson Crisscross bubble lamp hanging above the island ten feet away.

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