The Pteleobius Lamp.

I’m not a huge fan of combining raw materials with polished chrome or steel. The juxtaposition seems forced most of the time, so when I come across something that works I usually get pretty excited.

Working with raw logs, and insects known as Pteleobius, designer Maxim Vaslyaev has created a lamp named after said bugs. The insects eat the bark off of the wood leaving exotic abstract patterns etched into the hardwood below. To highlight the patterns created Vaslyaev has accented the log with a fluorescent lamp suspended on steel poles above the surface. The luminare is housed in a polished chrome housing that contrasts the organic feel of the etched wood below. The lamp has a really nice feel to it balancing made made and raw natural materials, with the random patterns created by the insects.

Materials Elm Log, and Chromed Steel tube, Fluorescent Lamp, and Insect Larva.

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