Rearranging Space.

A few months back Kristy and I swapped out the Flor carpet that we had in our living room. We had brought it with us from the old house, and at 5 plus years old it was time to go. For almost 6 months we debated buying a new wool carpet, or just getting more of the Flor squares, and going with a new pattern and texture.

We settled on Flor for a number of reasons. First off it is a fairly green solution and Flor recycles your old tiles. Second it is durable and with two dogs that is a huge plus. Third, for the money what you get is a great option.

The old arrangement with the new carpet.

What we originally decided on was a change in texture by going with a Flor line that had a raked texture to it. When we got the carpet though we were a bit disappointed. The edges of some of the squares were frayed, and required trimming, some of the squares were off by about an eighth to a quarter of an inch in size. It’s not much but it was enough to drive me crazy. I went ahead and installed the carpet hoping that when it was all put together it would work, unfortunately it didn’t, and after 2 months we decided to see if we could return or replace it.

The new arrangement with the new carpet.

One call to the Flor customer service department and it was settled. They agreed to replace the carpet with the same style, or to let us replace it with a different texture/style all together. They were really wonderful about the whole process. They said they would ship the new carpet for free, and give us return labels to return and recycle the old ones. You have to love a company that is willing to work with you, and wants to keep you as a customer.

So, on Thursday the new carpet arrived, and on Friday the old carpet left. Thursday night I put down the new tiles, and with that… Kristy and I decided to rearrange the entire living room this morning. That led to re-hanging art. So in the course of two hours, we moved a bunch of furniture, re-hung some paintings, moved the wireless speaker connections, and reset the front half of the house. Now the room flows better, and seems to feels more open.

In the process I found a bunch of stuff I need to repaint and touch up now. As they say, One thing leads to another. At least I now have a list of things to work on over the winter months.