Kijjaa. iPhone + Computer = Blended Gaming.

This morning a friend of mine turned me on to a new game for the iPhone and my computer. It’s called Kijjaa! and I have to admit it’s a blast.

The game makes your iPhone the game controller, while the game interaction is actually played out on your computer screen. I tried this on my computer at work using the lite version of the game (it’s free) and it works great. It works well enough that I am tempted to buy the .99 cent version to get all of the features.

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The game is a space invaders style point and shoot game with retro graphics on both the phone and my computer screen. While I’m not a huge fan of the look and the color pallet used here, I can completely see this integration of handset and second screen action being used more in the future. This is the kind of merged technology that I could see moving to net connected Smart TV’s and or Google TV in the future.