Tord Boontje’s Icarus.

This morning I was over at Artecnica’s website looking at the new products for Fall of 2011 when I came across the “Icarus” pendant light designed by studio Tord Boontje. The light measures about 16 and a half inches long, and is made from multiple layers of extruded polyester that have cut to resemble a bird’s wing. Aptly named, Icarus poses a silhouette that looks like wings collapsing from the heat of the sun, just before Icarus fell back to earth.

As Artecnia says on their website,  “Icarus reminds us of the human aspiration to flight: a link between us and the celestial light.”

The fixture really is quite beautiful, with fluid natural lines and the translucency of the material used. The lamp has such a great sculptural feel to it.

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I am always amazed at the way new materials and manufacturing processes are used these days to create ever more inventive and wonderful products that would have been so challenging just a few years ago.

If my house had tall ceilings, I’d probably install one of these somewhere. If you want to invoke some Greek mythology and light your house, Icarus is available here for $89.00