Appshaker’s Augmented Reality Vision for Nat Geo.

UK company Appshaker has created an augmented reality experience for National Geographic that is currently touring shopping malls in Europe, with a featured test market in Budapest.

This is a really solid example of how augmented reality applications can be used beyond most of the novelty approaches that are in place today. This experience becomes more immersive for the target audience, and doesn’t feel cheap.

The National Geographic experience works by placing a large digital display and high-definition camera in front of an AR marker that adhered to the floor at the correct viewing distance. When you step onto the AR marker, the virtual content comes to life on the display in front of you.The video is a little deceiving since it focuses more on audience reaction, and less on what the audience is actually seeing, but you get the idea. This example is so much better than the typical “point your phone at a card, watch the animation”, which anymore feels like it has jumped the shark.

One thing that Appshaker did was having a real guide, who was there to help people interact with and understand the augmented reality content. That little trick helps make the whole installation work by getting the audience to understand and participate.