Nokia and Deadmau5 light up London with a 4D projection

When you are competing with 2 800 pound gorillas for market share what do you do? You pull out all the stops, and that is precisely what Nokia did to launch their new Widnows mobile phone the Nokia Lumia 800.

A few days ago, Nokia brought Deadmau5 to London to live dj an event that converted the Millbank tower in London into the worlds largest projection surface.

The 400 foot high tower had every one of its 800 windows covered in vinyl to function as the screen surface for 16 HD projectors located more than 600 feet away. (I can’t even begin to imagine the lumens they had to crank to get these images onto the building surface.) 3D images and video were projected onto the structure from the other side of the Thames to create this gigantic video work.

Billed as the “future of live events” the event was accompanied by music from super producer deadmau5, who created exclusive remixes for the performance — adding the “4th dimension”.

The cost on this must have been huge, but when you have gone from being the world’s number one cell phone maker to number 3 in just a few short years, you pull out all the stops.

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