How to Drive a 1967 Ferrari Through Times Square.

Since I am on kind of a Formula 1 racing kick these days, I thought I’d post this video that my friend Chef Colby Garrelts uploaded to Facebook earlier today. I could go into a long diatribe about the Ferrari’s featured, their historical importance to the sport of racing, the drivers etc., but I want to talk about the video itself.

This commercial is absolutely gorgeous. The finished look from cinematography to editing is outstanding. The opening shot with seed pods hovering in the air just before the scene is split in two by a red Ferrari is just stunning. The multiple camera angles that capture each of the cars as they rocket across deserted streets from Rome to Brasilia is stunning. The edits are timed so well. I have no idea what this cost to produce. I’m sure it was a fortune, but the end result is well done it was worth every penny. Shell should be proud of the end result.