The ArtRage Motor Sports Series Number 5

Per the request of my friend Kanon, the latest addition to the series is a Porsche 917 done up in the Gulf Racing colors. (More information on the Gulf color scheme can be found here.)

I have had a couple of emails asking me about how I create these images. The process is pretty straight forward. If I don’t have reference photos I have taken like the photos for the Bell Special, taken at the Petersen Auto Museum, I source images on the internet. I then make a number of pencil sketches composing the image layout. (In most the final is constructed from 3 or 4 reference shots.) A final very tight pencil drawing is made, which is scanned and transfered to my iPad via Dropbox. From there it is loaded into ArtRage for the iPad where I paint the final image on a new set of layers. Color photos are used as a reference for color, lighting and details I might have missed.

I’m trying to put together a process/how I do it post, but time is not on my side. I’ll probably have something at the end of the month, provide I can remember to take photos, and record some video as I work.