Good Design is a Tough Job.

As a professional designer, I often hear from people things like “Design is a soft skill”, or “All you do is draw pictures, your job isn’t hard”. Trying to explain the complexity of what I do, and the difficulty that surrounds many aspects of design can be challenging at times.Anyone in the design business, knows exactly what I am talking about.

“Good Design is a Tough Job”, by Kirsten Dietz and Jochen Rädeker is a mix of manifesto and portfolio examples, built in 20 separate theses. Each thesis begins with the statement “Good design” followed with a statement like “…honest”, “…hard”, “…can change the world”, “…kills advertising”. The statements can be a bit heavy, but are fully explained on the pages that follow along with examples of work that reinforce the opening comment.

The book features 20 golden rules for agency success, that Dietz, and Rädeker from their personal experience at the award winning agency Strichpunkt. The 400-page book offers food for thought culled from the first 15-years of the agency.

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  1. Hey, no offense but I’m not going to post your comment. I’m not sure what’s up, but part of this sounds like a personal beef with these guys.

    I appreciate your view point, but my little blog isn’t a venue for this stuff. Sorry.

    Thanks for reading though, and I hope you get your opinions published in a larger forum.

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