It’s Time to Buy a Snow Blower.

The winter of 2011/2012 has so far been relatively calm and snow free. Compared to last year, it has been awesome but let’s be real here… we are less than two weeks in to the official winter season. I am expecting to get seriously dumped on this year just like we have for the last two. Because of the last two seasons, the fact that I am getting older, my driveway is 90 x 16 in size, I have decided to buy a snow blower.

After spending some time looking around and researching models I have narrowed my search to 2. A Toro, and a Sears Craftsman. I have to say that while I love the Toro brand, I am leaning to the Sears model. Both are 2 Stage models. The Toro has more horsepower than the Sears, it costs about 400 bucks more.

Then there is the other factor. One that I hadn’t counted on, but one that has effected me none the less. I like the Sears brand. I like what Sears stands for, and the fact that they have been around for so long. So when I heard they were going to close up to 100 stores in 2012, I decided that I would probably buy from them. I want to help keep the brand alive. I know it’s probably not the best reason to purchase from them, but there is something about buying from the Chicago based retailer that I like.

By the way, since I am buying a snow blower, the winter season will probably be fairly light this year. Consider this my gift to you.

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