Just in Time For Winter, if You Happen to Have Some Snow.

Unlike the last two years, Kansas City has been almost completely snow free this season. I’m not complaining, you’d understand if you saw how large my driveway is. With that said though, it is January, and a bit of the white stuff would be OK I guess.

If we do get snow, wouldn’t it be awesome to have something like Mountain Boy Sledworks Slalom Steerable Sled to play in it with?

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Slalom Steerable Sled is made from 5/8” thick marine-grade molded plywood, and fully steerable, the front section of the slalom sled pivots to provide amazing steering power. The sled’s wide stance makes it very stable and gives it excellent flotation in powder, while slippery runners provide great speed and control on hardpack. Marine-grade lead-free finish.

This is so low tech, and like most bent plywood offerings amazing looking. There is no spec on the weight limit for this bad boy, just an ages 3+ restriction.