SoundMachines… Wow!

WOW! This is really pretty bad ass. Great design, innovative User Interface design, simple, effective, easy to use.

SoundMachines An instrument for performing electronic music is the brainchild of  Agency Vok Dams, in Hamburg for Volkswagen. Designed and developed by Yannick Labbé, Matt Karau
, and Andreas Schmelas, SoundMachines is a series of digital turntables that use light to translate concentric visual patterns into control signals for further processing in any music software.

If that last sentence makes you say “What?”, just watch the video.

The SoundMachines premiered on the Volkswagen New Beetle stand at the IAA motor show in late Summer 2011. In cooperation with the sounddesigner/producer Yannick Labbé of TRICKSKI fame, Vok Dams developed three unique discs, each controlling one track of an Ableton Live Set exclusively made for this specific event. The entire show was supported by a set of realtime generated visuals, running on a 80 foot wide LED wall.