FILMTOYS, an Erector Set Camera Rig That I Want.

I love this new Erector Set style camera rig that I found on Kickstarter. Versatile, modular components that can be built to hold any camera gear you work with. This is such a simple idea, and executed so well. If you are a pro photographer, or film maker this is right up your alley.  I for one am going to make a donation to the Filmtoys crew, and hope like hell that they meet their goal and get this thing into production.

Filmtoys is a modular camera support system with multiple add-on accessories that allow your rig to scale as needed. Manufactured from machined and anodized aluminum, this rig looks rugged enough to take location shooting, and stylish enough to keep you looking like a pro.

Filmtoys is looking to raise 25 grand in seed money, and I hope they get it. The Introduction video could use some help from the “Freaker” guys on Kickstarter, when it comes to emotion and passion about the product. None the les watch the video to get a full understanding of how this rig works and scales to meet your needs.