CB 41. Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, Daybed.

If I were going to change careers, get a medical degree, and become a psychiatrist, this is the couch I’d have in my office.

The CB 41 Daybed designed Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows and available from Suite NY, is a stunning piece of furniture. Sleek compact lines that reflect mid-century modern lines, combined with oiled finished wood and leather have me sold on this. The overall look, the attention to detail in the joinery and oxidized brass back support just make this piece of furniture.

The removable seat and headrest are upholstered in luxurious leather with a tufted down topping, adding comfort to the clean aesthetics.The wood frame is available in Rosewood, Walnut or Ash. Frankly based on the Rosewood  version shown in the photos, I wouldn’t get anything else.

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  1. I have a deep fear that my mother is going to try to kill my with a bag of stale, generic circus peanuts. Does that mean I’m crazy Dr. Wade or do I just like this post?

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