Made to Measure, the VBG Pixel Ruler.

Anyone that was trained in a time before computer graphics knows that things were measured in points, picas, and sometimes inches. I know I was trained that way, but in today’s world I never use those forms of measurement anymore. 99 percent of the time I measure things in pixels on the computer. Why? because I design for screen resolutions, and devices that are pixel driven.

Thanks to the folks at VBG, we now have a ruler that is set in pixel measurements. Something that I think I would use on a daily basis.

The pixel ruler is constructed from black plexi glass (a special wood version is available as well), and contains a few fixed sizes for specific devices like phones, monitors and paper, as well as individual pixel marks. Now all of this is based on a measure of 72 pixels per inch which is a relative measurement. None the less I think this is a pretty cool ruler, and since most of the stuff i build is designed for 72 pixels per inch, it works for me.