IKEA has always developed smart, successful advertising for their stores, but the “BERÖRA”, sewing kit for IKEA Norway was a smash success for the company.

To promote the launch of the IKEA iPad catalog for the Norwegian market, IKEA developed a new product called “BERÖRA”; which was a simple sewing kit that allowed people to sew conductive thread into the finger tip of gloves and mittens. The kit allows you to use your gloved hand with the new iPad catalog. Something that is pretty important to people who live in colder climates.

12,000 kits were distributed over a two-week period for free in Norway. This generated a massive amount of online buzz, which pushed the IKEA app to number 1 in the AppStore, and which made the Norwegian IKEA catalog the most IKEA catalog downloaded per-capita in the world.

Not bad for a simple idea, with little overhead. This is a perfect example of ROI.