Scrabble Typography Edition, A Designers Dream.

Hasbro has to be feeling some pinch from things like the iPad. No matter how many copies of the iPad Scrabble game they sell, it probably isn’t close to the number of physical copies they sold at Scrabbles peak. So if you are Hasbro, what do you do? Well you could go upscale and apeal to design junkies like myself with the “Scrabble Typography Edition”.

This $199.00 version of the game comes in a wonderful 19.00” x 17.50” x 6.00” solid walnut storage case with drawers that resemble printers drawers. The storage case is housed inside a solid birch cover that slips over the top. The game itself features metal tile racks that echo letterpress mark-up hardware, a six-panel solid walnut magnetized gameboard lined with slip free cork back, and solid walnut tiles featuring a variety of different and exciting fonts.

From a design perspective this looks pretty impressive. Attention to craft, materials, and aesthetics show through. I wish the website told you what fonts were used on the squares, but hopefully Hasbro chose wisely.

The “Scrabble Typography Edition” is a limited edition set will also include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. It’s the least Hasbro could do for a $199.00 version of the game.

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