The Filmmaker’s Guide to The Interweb. Illustrated by Geffen Refaeli.

I’m on a bit of animation kick this afternoon. I was digging around looking for some illustration inspiration on Geffen Refaeli‘s website and came across this piece she worked on for filmDYI. It has a really nice look to it. Simple animation, with a pop-up book look. Refaeli’s illustrations look great, the storyline is funny, and it delivers it’s message the way an ad should. Kudos to Hadar Landsberg. His animation lets Refaeli’s sing with out over powering them, and to Rafi Shor for some humorous writing.

Written & Directed by: Rafi Shor.
Art & Illustration by: Geffen Refaeli.
Animation: Hadar Landsberg.
Music: Omer Mor.