The Story of Sushi, Four Story Tree House.

I am being blown away every day by a new piece of work that is being done by someone combining stop motion animation, live action footage, and DSLR shooting techniques.

“The Story of Sushi” created by Four Story Tree house for Bamboo Sushi is no exception to this. “The Story of Sushi” is a short film that explains the inefficiency of today’s commercial fishing system, and fishing market. Rather than an “In Your Face” approach with loads of charts, and disturbing images, Four Story Tree House  approached this subject with simple scenes, miniature models, beautiful lighting and photography. It takes a subtle and more toned down approach to a controversial subject that is usually delivered with a heavy hand.

In his original plan Joe Sabia planned to shoot the video having the scenes scroll by on a conveyer belt. This approach was changed for a more intimate view and close in approach, which adds a sense of intimacy to the subjects and the story line. It draws the viewer in, and lets them become closer to the visuals as they are presented.

I think this is a fantastic piece of work. Great visuals, editing, storyline, narration, and score all coming together to complete the work.


Set Design and Visuals by Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber []
Narrated by Jim Donaldson []
Executive produced, written, edited by Joe Sabia []
Directed and photographed by Vincent Peone []
Original Score by Michael Thurber []
w/ AJ Nilles on strings
Sound Design, Music Recording/Mixing by Matt McCorkle []
Assistant Camera Andrew Brinkman
Gaffer Cory Fontana
Color by Gloo Studios and Prime Focus NYC