Cone Mills + Roy’s Jeans = Monday Morning Eye Candy

Almost a year ago I posted a video by Self Edge titled “Roy’s Jeans“. The video by Kellen Dengler, is an inspiring piece that highlights the entire process of creating a hand crafted pair of jeans at the hands of Roy Slaper.

This is a follow up piece featuring Cone Mills who for the first time in 60 years is producing a Loomstate Unsanforized fabric for a client; Roy Slaper. I have no idea what “Loomstate Unsanforized Fabric” is, and that’s OK. I am more interested in the video, the way it was shot, edited, and the story that is being told here.

In the five minutes it takes to watch this video, there isn’t a single line of dialog, yet it conveys a compelling story about an American industry that for years has been on the ropes from international competition. The machines which are shot beautifully tell the story. The editing of the clips helps pull together something that feels absolutely magical. At just past the three and a half minute mark, there is a shot of a woman standing amongst the machinery, the look on her face says it all.

What a great little film.

Produced by Kiya Babzani:

Directed by Kellen Dengler: